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Content Creator - Paul Hobbs
January 20 2023

Q&A with Paul Hobbs, long time creator of British locomotives and goods rolling stock

Content Creator Story - Gianfranco Messaggi - Jango
December 07 2022

My dream was to create a US route, I have always liked the great outdoors, and Trainz gave me the possibility to create my dream.

Content Creator Story - Evan Gohlke - Daylightrain
November 18 2022

Hi everyone, my name is Evan. I am a content creator for Trainz and a member of the Trainz Forge group.

Content Creator Story - Peter Ware - Pware
November 03 2022

My two great interests in my earlier years were computers and trains.

Content Creator Story - Daniel Gollery - trainboi1
October 21 2022

The thing that got me into content creation was a private model of a Midland 2P, with a comment that said something to the effect of "I learned to make this; if you want it, you can too".

Content Creator Story - Aleksander Modliński - cebar3 - ZiuT
October 06 2022

So when did my journey begin? I first met Trainz when I was a child, I might've been 3 at that time. My dad found TRS2004 demo and it quickly became my favorite game.

Content Creator Story – Ed Heaps (edh6)
September 23 2022

My name is Ed Heaps and I am a British based creator for Trainz, mainly creating locomotives and rolling stock.

Content Creator Story – Bob Cooper (Robert3a0)
September 09 2022

I first encountered Trainz in 2002, when I bought the first version of Trainz by Planet Auran. Although the original version was rudimentary by today’s standards, I found I got a great deal of enjoyment constructing and testing new routes.

Multiplayer Surveyor - Build and Operate
May 05 2022

Our latest round of Multiplayer Surveyor Stress Testing is complete and so here's an update on what we learned.
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