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A whole new generation of train based entertainment has arrived. Run as a stand-alone install alongside your existing Trainz products or combine the content sets into one installation with TANE SP2 (currently in beta testing and due to be released early 2017).

Trainz Model Railroad 2017 (TMR 2017) routes are inspired by the model train hobby and are jam-packed with many hours of enjoyment for every train fan. These highly condensed, interactive "layouts" provide plenty to do in a short amount of time - increasing the fun without detracting from prototypical operations.

Plus, of course, you also get a lifetime of creativity making your own dream railroads or interactive operational sessions!

Everyone understands the physical model railroad hobby, creating your own railroad, laying track and running trains in the spare room, basement or garage. However there are some significant limitations such as time, space, and of course money.

TMR 2017 delivers the freedom to create a railroad of any size, scale or design. We suggest starting out small and working your way up from there. You can build a model railroad based upon designs in magazines you have stacked neatly on the bookshelf, or perhaps you'll be more interested in building a section of a prototypical route.

The important thing to understand is that you are limited only by your imagination. The enormous selection of content included in TMR 2017 (over 5,500 items in total) delivers realistic locos, rolling stock, track and scenery. The interactive sessions provide tasks for you to complete by driving in "simple" or "realistic" mode. You can operate the junctions, interact with AI drivers and even create your own interactive world then just sit back and watch the trains go by.

There literally is a lifetime of enjoyment included!

(For more information on the concept of virtual model railroads, check out our latest Developer Blog Page).



Route Creator: itareus

"Appen" is a fictitious route set in West Yorkshire (or should I say the West Riding) in the 1950 - 60's. "Appen" represents an industrial town located between Leeds and Bradford served by the London Midland with services from the North Eastern region of British Railways.

While only a few short track miles in length, this route is full of interesting operational choices with portals, a full staging yard under the hills, docks, passenger stations and more. 


Freight Service
Passenger Service


BR Class 37 Blue
BR Class 47 blue
BR Class 55 blue TOPS 1976
BR Class 105 DMB
BR Class 105 DTCL
Rolling Stock = 29 vehicles
Over 400 additional scenery assets

Bea-Dawe Model Railway

Route Creator: Eso

This British Diesel-era layout includes several stations, goods yards and engine facilities and was inspired by memories of growing up in the Midlands spending many hours standing on the side of the Lickey Bank with Grandad watching the trains go past. 


Commuter Express
Freight Hauler


BR Class 37 Blue
BR Class 47 blue
BR Class 55 blue TOPS 1976
BR Class 105 DMB
BR Class 105 DTCL
Rolling Stock = 13 vehicles
Over 200 additional scenery assets

Brazemore Yard

Route Creator: eso

The Brazemore Yard has fantastic track work that hugs lush rolling hills to give the feeling of driving through the countryside.

There are two main yards joined by a central tunnel or by venturing around the figure 8 loop. Whichever way you decide to travel this route, you are sure to have a great Model Railroadz experience.


Railway Festival
Shunting Day


Rolling Stock = 6 vehicles
Over 750 additional scenery assets

Franklin Avenue Industrial

Route Creator: abcdfaqoz

Franklin Avenue Industrial is a small one baseboard Model Railroadz route inspired by the track plan, 59th Street Branch by Stan Sweatt as featured in Model Railroader Workshop Tips. Franklin Ave is located in Anywhere USA but contains mostly North Eastern influence. With several industries that require multiple switch maneuvers to properly spot cars, you'll need to exercise your critical thinking skills to navigate the maze of tracks around Pete's Candy and the lower yard.


Coal Distributor
Monday Morning Local
Shunting at the yard
Train Assembler


SW1500 CSX 1100 single light
SW1500 CSX 1102 single light
Rolling Stock = 31 vehicles
Over 200 additional scenery assets

Japan - Model Trainz

Route Creator: acelaamtrak

This layout is inspired by the Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It is designed for busy train traffic, and features a great range of challenging sessions. There are also some display cabinets where you can put trains on for stationary display.

This layout is made up of several small routes which includes the following:

Highspeed Shinkansen line in normal gauge
Small overground loop line in normal gauge
Tramline and branchlines in narrow gauge
2 large passenger stations
1 large container depot
Several invisible tracks for exploring the route from a human perspective


Freight and Emergency service
Max Shinkansen
Minato Express
Minato Express Early 90s
Rush hour


JNR 101V moha100
JNR 103QS kuha103
JNR kiha22 vermilion
JNR kiha48 1000 Hiroshima
Shiden kyoto600
Tokyu 5000 5001Mc
and many more...
Rolling Stock = 35 vehicles
Over 800 additional scenery assets

The Shortz & Kerl Traction Railroad

Route Creator: philskene

The Shortz & Kerl Railroad was an electrified short line that began freight services in the early part of the Twentieth Century, linking Port Shortz with the Kerl Iron Works.

The railroad expanded and prospered over several decades as numerous industries established themselves around the port and the iron works. Like many other traction lines in North America, the railroad closed in the late 1960s.

This Model Trainz layout represents the Shortz & Kerl in its heyday. On the layout there are many interactive industries. Many of these industries are interdependent. For example, logs arriving at the Port are sorted at the Dry Sort Yard, which then supplies logs to a timber mill that supplies lumber to a crate manufacturer that, in turn, supplies wooden crates to several industries. The Farmall Tractor Company requires steel from the Kerl works and components from local industries.

In addition, a Class 1 railroad drops off and picks up freight cars in the Transfer Track as well as a small locomotive depot and a MoW yard.


  • Gondola Shuffle
  • Oiling the Wheels
  • The Coal Run


  • Loco Boxcab Electric
  • Loco kDB EB03 Traction Railroad
  • Loco Tem II Knuckle Couplers
  • ATSF GP60M
  • ATSF SD45
  • SP SD45
  • Rolling Stock = 9 vehicles
  • Over 200 additional scenery assets

Port Zyd & Fulazturn Railroad

Route Creator: philskene

An industrial layout on an industrial scale! 

The Port Zyd & Fulazturn Railroad represents a busy and thriving railroad serving a large harbor and industrial area, moving freight cars around on behalf of a Class 1 railroad. The Class 1 railroad delivers and picks up freight cars at the Transfer Yard.

The route has many elevated sections and flyovers, and many interactive industries, permitting the use of most types of interactive freight cars. There is a small locomotive depot for both diesel and steam locomotives, and a MoW yard. Lighting is provided for night time operations.


  • Container to the cityx
  • Harbor train
  • Oil Empire


  • ATSF GP60M
  • ATSF SD45
  • SP SD45
  • Rolling Stock = 11 vehicles
  • Over 200 additional scenery assets

M120 - Connectable Modules

Route Creator: itareus

A set of 4 base modules to get you started in cretaing your very own model railroad layout. These modules are also designed to interconnect with other "M120" layouts by enusring the entry and exit points for each layout are at a standardised position.

Simply choose which size layout you would like to create and start laying track straight away!

Kickstarter County

Route Creator: N3V Games

This route was created as a result of the 2014 "Kickstarter" crowd-funding campaign. It contains 10 "full size" railroad tutorials as well as 3 full sessions and a multiplayer map.


  • 10 Tutorials
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Morning Run
  • Trees for Life
  • Multiplayer Session


  • ATSF C30-7
  • EMD GP9 FEC #663
  • Nohab NSB Di3a
  • SW1500 IORY 1501 Indiana & Ohio Railway
  • ATSF GP60M
  • ATSF SD45
  • C&O Kanawha K-4 Steam
  • KS81 Di3a
  • SP SD40T-2
  • SP SD45
  • Rolling Stock = 63 vehicles
  • Over 200 additional scenery assets


Trainz Model Railroad 2017 is based upon the well known Trainz Simulator series and includes the renowned "Surveyor" world building tools and "Driver" module. It also includes "Content Manager" to assist in managing all the additional content you can download from the Trainz Download Station. 


  • Drive trains from internal or external view
  • Sit and watch all the interaction from "Trackside" cameras
  • Choose simple or realistic control method
  • Watch brake pipe pressure, coupler strain and many other simulation details
  • Operate "AI" trains by issuing commands such as Drive, Couple, Uncouple, Runaround train
  • Follow pre-defined sessions instructions or enjoy "Free Drive" and just explore
  • Jump from one train or car to the next with a mouse click
  • Control junctions, signals and coupling operations
  • Watch visible loading and unloading operations at animated interactive industries
  • Check industry and rolling stock commodities with the new visual level indicator
  • Follow in-game navigational aids to your destination
  • Check on your task lists using the Objectives display
  • Change weather and other environmental effects on the fly
  • Test your skill level with Ranked Sessions that award points based upon performance
  • Take charge of AI Drivers and adjust their schedule


  • Place locos and rolling stock directly onto the track
  • Click Quickdrive and you're off and running (or driving or operating)
  • Save commonly used "consists" for even quicker placement
  • Adjust game speed, weather, season, time of day per session
  • Adjust water colour and ripple effects, lighting and fog colour and cloudiness
  • Create interactive sessions with dozens of trains operating at one time
  • Pre-issue commands to AI drivers and test out your operational skills
  • Add in-game navigation aids to trackmarks or vehicles
  • Use dozens of specialized "Rules" to further customise your sessions
  • Lose yourself in your imagination for as long as your dare ;)


  • Choose whether you will create an "indoor" or "outdoor" scene
  • Use the world's friendliest tools to build your own world - large or small
  • Sculpt the terrain and paint on ground textures
  • Place scenery including buildings, trees, roads, fences and anything else you can imagine
  • Lay track and animated junctions with a few mouse clicks
  • Adjust gradient and track condition
  • Smooth the ground to meet your track
  • Add signals, speed signs, catenary and much much more
  • Use advanced tools such as Bulk Replace, Random Add or Merge Route
  • Use layers to show/hide or protect different types or groups of content
  • Use the Content Filter to assist finding the right objects
  • Lay as much or as little track without worrying about your budget
  • Avoid hitting your thumb with a hammer at any stage ;)

Content Manager

  • Sort, search and filter through 450,000 free downloadable assets on the Download Station
  • One click download and install operation
  • Tools to manage all your installed content
  • Even create and import your own new content

Test Track

  • Test out driving physics for your diesel and electric locos
  • Change parameters to customise the power and braking response
  • Use these new physics characteristics for any loco you choose

Downloadable Content (DLC)

  • Add to your collection by purchasing additional routes, sessions or locos
  • No requirement to purchase anything further and lots of free content via the "DLS"


A 3rd party utility provided by "ModellerMJ" that assists creating your new layouts by providing an easy to use "import" junction for your favourite 2D "track plan". Simply scan the track plan image, select it using Basemapz and import into TMR17. A 2D "scenery" item is created showing the 2D plan laid out upon your baseboard(s). Simply follow the track plan to lay track and any other route details you like, and then hide the 2D layer to reveal your own Model Trainz creation.


This atand-alone version of TMR is trainz-build 4.4 and roughly equivalent to "Trainz A New Era SP1" feature set with some additional features added and a completely different content set. Purchasers also receive the full content set as DLC compatible with TANE SP2. ALternatively, the routes and sessions included will be available for purchase individually or as a bundle for TANE SP2 as soon as it is released.
Routes saved in TMR 2017 can be imported into TANE SP2 (trainz-build 4.5) but not vice versa.

Released on PC: December 5, 2016