Content Creator Story - Gianfranco Messaggi - Jango

By admin-n3v, December 07 2022

In 2002, perhaps even earlier, I had noticed on Youtube or similar, a trailer concerning a program for creating a route without dimensional constraints. I come from the world of model railroading and being able to create a "model railway" without the worry of size thrilled me. My dream was to create a US route, I have always liked the great outdoors, and Trainz gave me the possibility to create my dream.

Trainz was then delivered on CD, always waiting for it not to be lost. At that time there was still no TransDEM, but with various artifice it was possible to recreate a fairly decent terrain. The biggest difficulties were in creating realistic mountains. Some were truly terrifying .... There were no buildings, objects nor rolling stock of Italian railways. Even then I was in contact with other fans and we created TRAINZITALIA, a site for Italian Trainz fans. TrainzItalia was fundamental for the creation of purely Italian objects and routes. The staff coexisted with the builders of locals and wagons, creators of tracks, signs, buildings and objects. I specialized in the creation of routes. The first version of Sebino Lake dates back to that period. TrainzItalia has also participated in model making sector fairs with its own stand, with a good number of affiliates. From the point of view of creativity it was an excellent period, with the use of TransDEM and Google Earth I was able to move on to the great US routes and with the details that I could see.

For me, modeling a route must express the atmosphere of the real route. Before starting the modeling, I inform myself by every available means (especially videos and photos) about the characteristics of the area. Even the vegetation and the type of soil inserted are researched and studied, as far as possible, in keeping with reality. For many routes I have recreated the ground textures taken from photos of the terrain or rocks of the area myself. Obviously, artifacts and railway constructions have received the attention necessary for the realization. I make an exception in limiting the number of real tracks in stations or yards to get a decent frame rate.

During the years I spent with Trainz, I created almost a thousand objects, usually reproductions of real buildings, stations, private and public buildings, churches. I never created rolling stock (others of the TZIT staff were dedicated) but I collaborated with them in the creation and positioning of the rolling stock textures. For me, the creation of the environment and the landscape is my favorite part of a route.

Trainz also allowed me to get in touch with other enthusiasts, especially from the United States, Canada and England, who helped me a lot in researching, writing and beta testing the route. Many have created content for my routes. They are now dear friends.

Several Trainz authors have given me ideas for the creation of routes, especially with inserts on Youtube, which are very useful.



My first route with the characteristics that satisfied me was the SHERMAN HILL, from Cheyenne to Laramie. Not excessively long, but with the addition of the ring version which made the slope for towing large convoys smaller. A lot of content has been created (stations, depots, workshops) specifically for this route. Version 4 is currently being upgraded.

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The Gilpin Tramway Company was a 24 inch narrow guage railroad that serviced the mines above Blackhawk and Central City between 1887 and 1917. GILPIN Historical route golden age 1905. Mark Baldwin & different authors: I did the aesthetic restyling ....

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Rollins Pass Winter 1910. (from Tolland to Tabernash) Historical route. Winter ambient. GianFranco Jango Messaggi - Route Builder - Roadmaster - Chris Gerlach - CrisGer - Project Lead and History and Asset Making Lead, Site Planning, Location Design, 500 + Structures and Objects Created - Bob - DennR - Trainmaster - Sessions. A fully automatic version is in operation in a Denver museum. It is also the most interesting route I have created, with a serious historical research through documentation not only photographic. Bob has created some great sessions on transporting and woodworking in the area. Chris has made many buildings typical of the period and the area, along with many characters.

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White Pass (from Skagway to Carcross). It is my route with wider panoramas and an absolute scenographic view. Derek Munro (Canada) made the remarkable DEMs for this route. Bendorsey has created many unique objects for this route.

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Original route created for TS12. Much of the original content created by C. Steuer has been modified or updated to work. The route is very wide and has different types of environments. Begins in Roseville (CA) and ends in Sparks (Reno-Nevada) 170 miles via Donner Pass. It is now being upgraded to the latest versions of Trainz with the help of the N3V staff.

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I am VERY interested in the new Surveyor 2 with all the new possibilities of use that arise. It seems to me that many requests from route builders have been satisfied, even more. I'm curious about the possibility of using "ultra detailed terrain". It is essential to understand how it works without increasing the lead time too much. Perhaps a feature to be improved is that relating to the management of atmospheric weather and light, also in relation to the geographical position.

For anyone who wants to enter the creation of Trainz, I recommend creating a work team where everyone can best express their skills and combine their contributions in a single creation.