Content Creator Story - Marc Giraud - GIRAUD

By admin-n3v, February 02 2023

I discovered Trainz with the 2009 version, a gift from my daughter who knew my passion for trains.

Like many of us, I started with model trains in HO, then I started at the age of 15 to build my own HO trains, from almost nothing (Cardboard, plastic card, various packaging)

After my architecture studies, I started working in a few Parisian firms, where I made the presentation models of the buildings or neighborhoods we were building, which strengthened my taste for precise models. I then switched to the Sm scale and the reproduction of models at 1/60 of the small train Tournon - Lamastre well known. However, my professional occupations did not allow me to devote much time to it. The discovery of Trainz was a revelation, not being a user of video games, and using computers and 3D programs only for professional projects. The beginnings were mixed, the rendering not satisfying me totally, and the French material present in the game being very limited, but by searching the international fora I discovered the creations of the FMA, Samplaire, italien friends of Trainzitalia and Spanish of STR. So I decided to contribute to the diversity of the game by reskinning and learning to restore landscapes as faithfully as possible. A few friends (Berny31, gege64, Mistral69, Guyader1, frisson78, bubu45 , Roland29) helped me and I created the Papytrainz group after a 12-year-old trainzer affectionately called me "grandpa". Since then I offer on my sites French materials, but also Belgian, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese for the community, as well as detailed modules and small lines of French atmosphere.

I have actively participated since May 2016 in the animation of the French forum of Trainz, as well as in the competitions "screenshot of the week".

Currently I propose a small network very detailed of the North region of France, I have in progress an English harbour module soon completed that I will share with the community, and in progress a realistic project in the center of France, representing the gorges of the Loire.

If I had to advise a newcomer in Trainz, I would recommend patience and perseverance, this game is not a simple game, but a great creation tool and a universe in its own right that requires a real commitment to get the greatest satisfactions, despite some flaws ...

I have shared more than 2300 assets , and they have been downloaded about 450 000 times through my Jimdo-sites.. Locomotives reskined , adapted from MSTS, coaches and cars, but also a lot of asset for building realistic landscape (splines, buildings, backdrops ...)...

My site (not yet updated, I miss some more time) : From the main page the links in pictures drive to others sites for locomotives, coaches , cars , decor, and consists...

You can find some pictures of what I share, and I often publish in the Trainz Galery under my username "giraud"