Making of a BR Class 37 cab - Part 4

By Tony_Hilliam, June 28 2019

In this blog series we will be looking into the development of a brand new Class 37 interior. This project is being undertaken by Brendan Dennish (Trainz Community member GDennish) who has been contracted by N3V Games during his summer break.

Final Polish

We're getting close to the finished product now, so it's time to add those extra little touches to make this model even more special.

First up is an instrument dimmer switch that changes the brightness of the readouts...

Next we've given the radios some life (there might even be an Easter Egg or two for you to find).

We've then scripted the windows to match the weather conditions...

This is achieved using the PBR materials to make one part of the surface clean and smooth and one part rough and dirty.

Note that there is no code support for real-time raindrops, but it's still looks great and adds to the realism!

The "dirty" version is above, and a nice clean version below (these will randomly change upon loading a new session).

After some feedback and some further experimentation with changing albedo opacity between the dirty and clean areas, we're getting even closer to the desire effect.

Here the albedo has been dropped to 60 opacity and the inside wiper area has been made to be 20% opacity..

I think it is safe to say we're getting close to finalising this one. We've certainly come a long way in a month - here's where we were on day 1 of modelling!

We hope you've enjoyed this blog series showing how much work is involved and the skill required to bring everything together. 

Also, a big thanks goes out to Brendan for doing such a wonderful job on bringing this cab to life - well done!