Class 47 - Next Generation Content

By Tony_Hilliam, June 11 2020

West Coast Railways Class 47 

This post shows our work-in-progress on some of the West Coast Railways Class 47 locos. We hope it gives everyone a very good idea of the level of detail going into creating models to take full advantage of the latest generation materials and lighting.

We're pretty sure you'll enjoy these shots, and don't forget to double click to see the high res version (best viewed on your 4k screen).

Taking shape...

Buffers, hose, couplers


Adding roof and bogey detail

Snow plough

Low detail interior

Headboards - lots of choice. (I wonder who can spot the typo?)

Adding some missing pipes

Low poly bogey and texturing


Procedural texturing

Low poly model texturing

Looking very nice indeed! Coming soon(ish) to a version of Trainz near you.