TRS19 Service Pack 5 Official Release

By Tony_Hilliam, February 25 2022

Service Pack 5 is the latest update for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, and is now available for all TRS19 owners.

This update delivers a few minor updates as well as a number of bug fixes. Under the hood, this update is trainzbuild 5.0 which means that it is currently compatible with TRS22 routes. Note that this is likely to change when TRS22 is released officially.

While this build has been through extensive external testing, if you keep a backup of your current install folder, you can use that to revert at any point in the future. To help determine which build you are on currently, below are the recent build numbers.

Trainz Plus Features

Please note that Trainz Plus features are available in Trainz Plus builds and since Trainz Plus is the latest version of Trainz, this can change over time. Currently, TRS22 is the latest official release and therefore Trainz Plus users will need a TRS22 build installed to get access to all the Trainz Plus features. 

These features may be available in other builds from time to time, but only the latest "official" Trainz Plus build guarantees to support all the Trainz Plus features.

In other words, we do not guarantee support for Trainz Plus features in retail Trainz builds (Steam or Trainz Store).

Please install the current Trainz Plus build in order to access Trainz Plus features. You can download Trainz Plus from your MyTrainz account.

Build Number Summary

Check for your current build number in the left column. FInd the patch stream to use in the third column and the resulting build number in the final column. 

Note that TRS19 builds will not run the TRS22 content (this should be run in a Trainz Plus or TRS22 build).

If you have problems patching, you can install TRS19 or TRS22 by downloaing the installer from your MyTrainz account.

Build Number - Type Store - OS  Patch Stream Patch To Build Number
114800 - TRS19 SP4

Trainz Store - PC

TRS19 / TRS19 PE 116678 - TRS19 SP5
114800 - Trainz Plus

Trainz Store - PC

Trainz Plus 116492 - Trainz Plus (TRS22)
114841 - TRS19 SP4 Trainz Store - Mac TRS19 / TRS19 PE

116679 - TRS19 SP5

114841 - Trainz Plus

Trainz Store - Mac

Trainz Plus

116493 - Trainz Plus (TRS22)

114863 - TRS19 SP4 Steam Store - PC Auto

116685 - TRS19 SP5

114870 - TRS19 SP4 Steam Store - Mac Auto

116697 - TRS19 SP5

116313 - TRS19 Beta Trainz Store - PC

TRS19 / PE Beta

116678 - TRS19 SP5
116453 - TRS19 Beta Trainz Store - PC

TRS19 / PE Beta

116678 - TRS19 SP5
116015 - TRS19 Beta Trainz Store - Mac

TRS19 / PE Beta

116470 - TRS19 Beta Trainz Store - Mac

TRS19 / PE Beta

116679 - TRS19 SP5
116243 -Trainz Plus Trainz Store - PC

Trainz Plus Beta

116271 - Trainz Plus
116271 - Trainz Plus Trainz Store - PC

Trainz Plus Beta

116492 - Trainz Plus (TRS22)
116434 - Trainz Plus

Trainz Store - Mac

Trainz Plus Beta 116493 - Trainz Plus (TRS22)


  • Trainzbuild 5.0 (content older than 5.0 will work in this build. Content saved in this build will not work in older builds
  • Default ground texture is now based upon the Region selected. To use the old grid texture as your default, download the "Grid Region" asset from the Download Station
  • Map options are now found on the Display Menu
  • New Content Manager category icons
  • New Surveyor (Classic) compass


(NOTE: Some of these issues appeared during the beta phase)

  • Fix various derailments on loading certain sessions
  • Fix some switches in cabins that were in the wrong position when entering the cab
  • Fix an issue where session layer trains could been moved to a different layer or hidden
  • Fix train vehicle pitch on steep tracks
  • Fix car pitch on roads
  • Fix drivers not automatically being added in some cases
  • Fix an issue where rotated vehicles would reverse again when loading into Driver
  • Fix steam loco water not being handled by the Automatic Fireman feature
  • Fix various Test Track bugs
  • Fix a slow list refresh in CM
  • Fix the DB repair progress bar (when validating assets)
  • Headlight coronas now working in Quickdrive
  • Texture replacement scripts are now working
  • Certain ground textures that failed to load now load correctly
  • Crash fix for loading a specific map (will help some other cases)
  • Non-PBR ground textures now apply at the correct height (track not buried)
  • ARN now working correctly
  • Sessions options now working correctly
  • Environment settings now remembered
  • Merge route [dialog minimap] now shows both routes
  • Certain signals that would not update on session start now update correctly
  • Fixed a hang on loading certain sessions
  • Fix for various session freezes (or failure to load fully)

Installing Grid Region

If you prefer the old Grid pattern, or any other default ground texture, follow these steps to change your Region:

  • Open Content Manager
  • Type "Grid Region" in the search box
  • Change the filter to Download Station
  • R-click and click Download
  • In the Routes Menu select your route to Edit
  • Click Edit Menu > Edit Route > Change Region