Trainz Release Schedule Update

By Tony_Hilliam, February 11 2022

Trainz Plus "Surveyor 2.0" and TRS22

This latest Trainz plus update completes Stage 1 of Surveyor 2.0 (S20) development. This means it's ready for wider usage but not yet "complete". 

Surveyor 2.0 was first released in the Trainz Plus Beta December 1, 2021 and provided Trainz Plus and Gold Class members their first look at this enormous new update for Trainz.

Since then we've been fixing bugs and refining the tools to improve the workflow and make the task of route building quicker and easier than ever before.

There are still a fair few improvements we'd like to add, but with this update we're keen to hear from our Trainz Plus members what they think of the new S20 tools so far.

Discovering Surveyor 2.0

Of course, after 20 years of using Surveyor "Classic", there is a learning curve involved in discovering the power of the S20 new tools.

To help people get started, we've created this S20 online guide. We highly recommend you take a look any time you're unsure of how to acheive your goal.

To access S20 you need to be either a Trainz Plus or Gold Class member

TRS22 "Early Access"

This week we will roll out the release our TRS22 "Early Access Edition" which means our official TRS22 release is right on track for a late-March release.

We've been working hard on plenty of updates and improvements for each of the TRS22 routes and sessions and ensuring upgrading from any earlier versions of Trainz will be as painless as possible.

If you're already pre-ordered TRS22 from the Trainz Store, or pre-order prior to the official release, you can install the latest "Early Access". This build has the following four new routes: 

  • Bairnsdale to Orbost Line C1970-80s, Australia
  • Beloreck - South Ural Mountains, Eastern Europe
  • Liskeard to Looe, UK
  • West from Denver - Moffat Route, USA

The 5th route, Schwaninger Land, now has the new German signalling system implemented and is undergoing final tweaks and will be available for Trainz Plus members in the coming weeks.

If you haven't pre-ordered TRS22, you can do so now on the Trainz Store.

Patch Update to TRS22

The rollout of the official Trainz Plus S20 release has begun. The first step is a beta stream update, then on Monday Feb 14 we will update the TRS22 content set, enable the MPS server and add support for trainzbuild 5.0 on the DLS.

All going well, we will also then provide new TRS22 installers, and the official Trainz Plus patch.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are a Trainz Plus or Gold Class member, you have two ways to access the TRS22 Trainz Plus build. Please read these options carefully.

Option 1: You can update your existing TRS19 build (114800 PC / 114841 Mac) to TRS22 / Trainz Plus. This update will change the branding to TRS22 and provide you access to the new S20 tools. 

NOTE PATH CHANGE REQUIRED: The patch from 114800 will also create a new TRS22.exe and new TRS22 local data folder. To use all your TRS19 content, simply point the updated build to your old TRS19 content folder. Trainz will then rebuild the database on startup.

It is important not to use the same local data folder with two different builds. If you keep TRS19 installed, you need to use two separate local data folders. 

Option 2: Install the TRS22 as a new stand-alone build using the installer from MyTrainz. This will install TRS22 and will show the Trainz Plus logo (since Trainz Plus always delivers the latest version of Trainz).

NOTE: With the recent release of this update your TRS19 build will no longer have MPS access (as only the latest Trainz Plus version will connect to the MPS server).

If you are not a Trainz Plus or Gold Class member as yet, you can get access to TRS22 and Surveyor 2.0 by joining today

TRS22 Backwards Compatibility

As with all Trainz releases, we expect that the vast majority of older content will still work in the newer version of Trainz.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT export built-in or packaged content to CDP and then try to import it into another Trainz installation. It will be flagged as faulty and may cause faults in other content as well.
Please ensure you follow our best practices guide here when moving or importing your content.

Updating your Installed Content

Once you update to TRS22, some of your TRS19 DLC content will need to be updated. To update open COntent Store and click on Updates.

Note that if you have created a new local data folder, you will need to download and install your TRS19 DLC items again. TRS22 does have all the non-DLC built-in content from TRS19 so there should be no missing dependencies.

TRS22 Localisation

One of the remaining tasks prior to the official TRS22 release is to localise the build into as many languages as possible. If you'd like to see Trainz in your native language, then you can help out at our localisation website here