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Posted by: Zays | Posted:2021-09-21 23:35:20

Caption: KSRC #4426 leads Q186 With AMTK 50th Anniversary units ready to be sent to Amtrak

Tags: Trainz: A New Era, Railfanning one track, Default, KSRC ES44AC #4426 W&A Heritage unit, AMTK P42DC #100 Midnight Blue, AMTK P42DC #108 ph VI Heritage, AMTK P42DC ph V (Early) #127 50th Anniversary unit, AMTK P42DC ph V #46 (50th Anniversary unit), AMTK P42DC #160 Dash 8 Phase III Unit, AMTK P42DC #161 PH I Heritage, AMTK P42DC #163 Fast Mail Scheme Unit, AMTK P40DC #815 AHST Unit, ES44AC Tier 4 Locomotive KSRC, TTX NSC 53 Double stack Well

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