Help Support Oleg Khimich

By Tony_Hilliam, March 11 2022

N3V Games is a small company based in Australia but our community reaches every corner of the globe.

One of our long time community members and the creator of the majority of our Russian content, Oleg Khimich, is a Ukranian who until very recently lived in Kyiv and on Feb 24, 2022 his world changed forever.

After two weeks of incredible stress and horror, he has managed to get away to relative safety in the west of Ukraine.

Kyiv is a long long way from Australia, and most likely a long way from where you are reading this post. You've no doubt read and seen the news from Ukraine, but it's hard to put yourselves in the shoes of those people in Ukraine.

Perhaps when you read about what one of your fellow Trainz fans has endured, things may appear to become a little more real and a lot closer to home.

As you sip on your cup of tea or coffee, consider what Oleg has been through and what he still has to go through. No-one knows where this will end.

N3V Games are not political but we recognize that we can either ignore what is happening or do our little bit to help someone in need. Someone from our community, someone who has created a big part of Trainz, needs our help.

We have decided that, until further notice, Oleg will receive 100% of the proceeds of all sales of his Trainz content.

Ironically, although Ukranian, Oleg has built Russian content. By purchasing any of his content you will be doing your little bit to make a big change in someone's life.

* Purchase any of Oleg's content and 100% of proceeds will go to Oleg to support his family in Ukraine.

The following piece written by Oleg contains graphic descriptions of his experience in the past two weeks. 

Kyiv, 3:48 am February 24, 2022, the worst morning of my life.

Outside the window there is a war, explosions somewhere very close (Gostomel) news, TV
- Russia attacked Ukraine!
War? How is the war? No, this is not a dream. Creepy and terrible howl of a siren (air raid).
We collected an emergency suitcase with the most necessary things; documents, insulin, personal belongings.
Across the road from the house at the Institute of Metalophysics for the first 2 days we hid in a shelter in a cold basement, sleeping on the floor (if you can call it a dream at all).
We calmed down a little, the fear passed.We decided to send the children and granddaughter by car to western Ukraine to relatives. My wife and I stayed in Kyiv.
The heart calmed down when the children were safe after 34 hours (500 km).
The fighting began in the city near our house, so we had to go to the suburbs to our brother, 20 km from Kyiv.
We did not know that it would be even more dangerous there than in the city.
The invaders began to surround Kyiv from the side of Belarus.
House near the highway, Zhytomyr-Kyiv in the zone of active hostilities (8km from Irpin).
There are tanks, artillery and complete horror. Death, devastation, death of ordinary peaceful people,
Tears of women and children, my aching heart was torn to pieces.
While moving, tanks were shooting at houses on both sides of the highway, many houses were destroyed, there were fires all around us.
3 more days in the basement. We miraculously evacuated from there, the neighbors took us to Vinnitsa and we reunited with the family!
I don't know what's wrong with my house, I'm even scared to think what is there now.
My brother's house survived, now the invaders have occupied it.
A couple of hours of delay and I would not write anything to you here right now.
It's hard to write all this, it's hard to think: How? For what? Why? Why this war?
I want to work, I want to dream and I also want a grandson.
Glory To Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! 
Oleg Khimich